Who Do You Think You Are? Sermon #1

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12/13/2018, 2:04 AM

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Lesson 4: Standing for the Truth

This lesson will look at the persecution and apostasy prophesied in the Little Horn power of Daniel. Using the apostles as and example, how can we stand firm for the truth as followers of Jesus?

Lesson 3: Light Shines in the Darkness

How does the Word of God set us free from Satan’s deceptions? In this lesson we will dig into how to discern God's truth from Satan's lies. This study will discuss practical steps in separating the "sheep" from the "wolves". When facing the darkness of persecution and false doctrines, what light will guide us?

Lesson 2: The Central Issue: Love or Selfishness?

This lesson will explore the love of God revealed in scripture through Jesus. What can we learn about God's love from the hardships of the apostles? This lesson will also look at practical ways we can reflect God's love to those around us.

Lesson 1: The War Behind All Wars

A cosmic conflict has taken place between God and Satan. How did war break out in heaven, a perfect place? What was Lucifer's strategy? When did Earth become a focal point in the conflict? This lesson will look into these questions and help you find hope on the battlefield.