Animal Encounters

Animal Encounters is an exciting nature documentary. In each episode the hosts share their personal experiences as they encounter God's creation.

Animal Encounters


Episode 11- Animal Encounters- Wolves

(Subtitles) CC: English, Español.

Episode 9- Animal Encounters- Fish

(Subtitles) CC: English, Español, Deutsch, Português

Episode 8- Animal Encounters- Cats 2

(Subtitles) CC: English, Español

Episode 5 - Animal Encounters- Meerkats

(Subtitles) CC: English, Deutsch

Episode 2- Animal Encounters- Cats

(Subtitles) CC: English

Episode 1- Animal Encounters- Elephants

(Subtitles) CC: English, Deutsch

About the Show

Animal Encounters is a new, exciting nature documentary hosted by three women: Gabi from Germany, Kezia from Kenya and Cassila from Brazil. In each episode they share their personal experiences as they encounter God's creation. They meet other people who have found a closeness with their Creator as they help preserve, rescue and nurture animals that have been orphaned through hunting, injured in the wild, abandoned as pets, or threatened due to environmental deterioration.

Animal Encounters
Nature, Family
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